Student Evaluations

Student Comment Highlights:

• “This class was very interesting and the class that I’ve enjoyed most at BGSU. The environment was very comfortable and almost felt like a little family! I learned a lot and Prof. Morton is a very excellent professor—my favorite so far!” (Craft of Poetry)

• “Karissa is very knowledgeable in her area, and her unique teaching style and personality make class enjoyable every day. She was the best, seriously. She really helped to inspire me and got me thinking like a poet. My interest in poetry has skyrocketed!” (Craft of Poetry)

• “She is great with communication. Her emails were helpful and she always invited us to office hours or to ask questions. When meeting one on one, I would get a lot of specific feedback and could talk about anything in the class.” (Intro to Academic Writing)

• “Karissa was an amazing teacher! She was always very positive and made me feel confident about my writing!” (Intro to Academic Writing)

• “Seriously the best teacher I’ve ever had! She made my first semester of college not so scary! I actually loved being in this class so much I’m taking her again for 1120 next semester!” (Intro to Academic Writing)

• “One of the best classes I’ve taken at BGSU! She is a great professor and took a hard subject and made it fun for everyone. She understands and cares for poetry and each of her students. Definitely recommending this professor to all my friends in the future!” (Craft of Poetry)

• “She is the most helpful teacher I have ever had. Her feedback is the reason my skills have improved and it’s clear she’s dedicated to what she does.” (Intro to Academic Writing)

• “Karissa gave us clear examples of what she was looking for in the papers. The activities we did were all beneficial in helping us make our papers have more depth and detail. I felt 110% comfortable talking to and discussing anything with her. She is very welcoming and I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful and clear instructor.” (Intro to Academic Writing)

• “I think an important thing for a writing class to do is to keep the students writing almost constantly, which this course did! The class was very engaging, which was surprising for an 8:30am class. I had no idea creative nonfiction was even a thing prior to this class and gained a ton of insight from it. 10/10 A+ would take again!” (Imaginative Writing)

• “I learned so much about poetry! I am nowhere near being any sort of creative writing major and I LOVED the class! It was so fun and I learned so much about myself! She made an 8:30am class enjoyable!!” (Craft of Poetry)

• “She was so friendly it made the class environment easy to work in! Her class time was never a waste of a day, she was very quick to respond to emails, and had organized items that really helped me understand writing! I hope she continues to teach, she’s too good not to!” (Academic Writing)

• “Karissa was always so happy and eager to teach no matter what. She made sure the atmosphere was always positive and never was she ill prepared, she was ready for any question we had!” (Intro to Academic Writing)

• “I gained the ability to view my own work more critically and see its flaws and strengths. I have gained a better grasp of poetry and have even become a fan of it throughout the course.” (Craft of Poetry)

• “She really pushed each member of the class above and beyond other teachers and always let us express ourselves.” (Intro to Academic Writing)

• “This course helped me grow as a person and student. The professor helped me to fall in love with poetry and writing as I learned about technical terms and developed a stronger voice as a writer. By far my favorite class this semester!” (Craft of Poetry)

• “For the first time, workshop was actually a great experience for me!” (Imaginative Writing)

• “I’ve taken 1110 before and I can absolutely see the difference in my writing now. My instructor did an incredible job with every aspect of the class and I would recommend her to anyone taking this course.” (Intro to Academic Writing)

• “I liked this course and I normally dislike reading and writing! She is a great person and teacher. I love her enthusiasm and honesty in meetings and class and if I could, I would take her for all of my classes!” (Academic Writing)


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