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“Epistle to the Young Seductress,” Reservoir, forthcoming
“Mare Novum,” “The Prophet’s Daughter,” Slice, forthcoming
“Belladonna,” Southern Indiana Review, December 2017
“Lunatia,” Cream City Review, April 2017
Babel Grove,” Quarterly West, November 2016
Sacramental,” Dusie, September 2015
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Calor,” Devil’s Lake, June 2015
Alarm Lines,” Devil’s Lake, June 2015
White Squall,” Devil’s Lake, June 2015
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Traversing the Fantôme,” Quaint, Mar. 2015
When Shorebirds,” Interrupture, Feb. 2015
Lace,” Nightblock, Jan. 2015
Homily,” Hobart, Oct. 2014
Io Speaks,” Hobart, Oct. 2014
Bravado,” Hobart, Oct. 2014
Music Box,” The Journal, Sept. 2014
Moon-Full,” The Journal, Sept. 2014
Any Kind of Life,” The Journal, Sept. 2014
#9 Nick Foles, QB” (collaboration with Justin Carter), Thrush, July 2014
Epistle with Cyclone,” Tupelo Quarterly, May 2014
Desert Eros,” Tupelo Quarterly, May 2014
Geode,” The Sonora Review, Apr. 2014
Capodanno,” The Sonora Review, Apr. 2014
#12 Josh Gordon, WR” (collaboration with Justin Carter), Split Lip, Apr. 2014
#4 Randy Bullock, K” (collaboration with Justin Carter), Split Lip, Apr. 2014
Communion,” Barn Owl Review, Mar. 2014
Changeling,” Whiskey Island, Feb. 2014
The Frailty of Everything Reveals Itself,” The Indiana Review, Jan. 2014
Hibernaculum,” Lambda Literary Review, Oct. 2013
Milk Teeth,” Guernica, Sept. 2013
Moro Embrace,” Birdfeast, Aug. 2013
Interregnum,” Birdfeast, Aug. 2013
Self-Portrait as Lazarus Species,” The Paris-American, July 2013
Nocturne,” Requited, June 2013
Sleep Hunter,” Requited, June 2013
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Is it Too Much to Say You’ve Ripened My Fields?,” The Bakery, Feb. 2013
Meteor, or The Dream of Selfhood,” The Bakery, Feb. 2013
Augury,” ILK, Jan. 2013
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The Beauties of Dissolving,” Muzzle, Sept. 2012
Intaglio,” Toad, Feb. 2012
Seafarer’s Semantics,” The Susquehanna Review, Sept. 2011
On the Occasion of a Felonious Assault,” PANK, Apr. 2011
Deviation of the Chaste,” PANK, Apr. 2011


Dedication to Hunger: On Louise Glück & ‘Difficult Women,’” Structure and Style, Oct. 2014
Review of Julia Cohen’s Collateral Light, Mid-American Review, May 2014
Review of Julie Marie Wade’s When I Was Straight, American Microreviews & Interviews, Apr. 2014
Review of Michael Mlekoday’s The Dead Eat Everything, American Microreviews & Interviews, Apr. 2014
The Bad Bad Canon of Poet Karissa Morton,” GirlCanon, March 2014
Review of Martha Ronk’s Transfer of Qualities, American Microreviews & Interviews, Feb. 2014
Review of Kristina Marie Darling’s Music For Another Life, American Microreviews & Interviews, Feb. 2014
Review of Anna George Meek’s Engraved, American Microreviews & Interviews, Jan. 2014
On Samsara,” The Rumpus, Mar. 2013
Review of Laurie Saurborn Young’s Carnavoria, iO: A Journal of New American Poetry, Jan. 2013
“Hipsterdom and the Glamorization of Sexual Violence,” WHOA Magazine, Jan. 2012

Selected Sportswriting

The Unbearable Lightness of Zero Super Bowl Rings: Detroit Lions 2015 Season Preview“, ____ On Sports, September 2015
What We Know About New Iowa State Head Coach Steve Prohm,” ____ On Sports, June 2015
Holding Our Breaths for the Triple Crown,” ____ On Sports, June 2015
Who Can Continue the Hoiball Legacy at Iowa State?” ____ On Sports, May 2015
Kentucky Derby 2015: Who to Pick if You Don’t Know Jack Shit About Horses,” Poets on Sports, May 2015
California Chrome: Can He Do It?” Poets on Sports, June 2014
Michael Carter-Williams: An Exercise in Cautious Optimism,” Poets on Sports, Nov. 2013
NBA 2013 Rookie Preview,” Poets on Sports, Oct. 2013
“My First Fantasy,” Regular Column, Poets on Sports, Sept. 2013-Dec. 2013
What Richie Incognito Can Tell Us About Bullying,” Poets on Sports, Nov. 2013
Women & Poker: What’s the WSOP to Do?,” Poets on Sports, Sept. 2013

Book Chapters

“The Sound of Resistance: Women & War in the Work of Laura Mullen,” Despite the Possible: Fifteen Women Poets, Akron Series in Contemporary Poetics Volume 2, on Experimental Women Poets of the 21st Century. Mary Biddinger and Jay Robinson, Eds. Akron: The University of Akron Press, forthcoming.

Anthologized Work

“Something About Something,” It Was Written: Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop. Jason McCall & PJ Williams, Eds. Seattle: Minor Arcana Press, February 2017.